Materials Pricing

          Stainless Steel:

304 Flat Roll: $1.00/pound

316 Flat Roll: $1.25/pound


Alloy 5052: $1.05/pound

Alloy 6063: $1.10/pound


Cold Rolled: $.40/pound

Seamless Tube: $.72/pound

These are just a few examples of common materials we work with. These prices are subject to change. We are also able to work with many other types of metals so feel free to call us to determine our production options.

Shop Hourly Fees

Laser: $250/hour

Pressbrake: $125/hour

Turret: $100/hour

Tube Cutting: $50/hour

Tube Bending: $70/hour

Welding: $45/hour

Again, we have many other tool options these are just a list of common needs of our customers. Please call us for the latest pricing and new options we have available.